[Trends exploration: What are the industry trends in China in the next five years? 】

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(Summary description)What will happen to China's industry trends in the next five years? What will our life look like in the future? What changes will happen around us? Which careers are on the verge of disappearing? What

[Trends exploration: What are the industry trends in China in the next five years? 】

(Summary description)What will happen to China's industry trends in the next five years? What will our life look like in the future? What changes will happen around us? Which careers are on the verge of disappearing? What

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What will happen to China's industry trends in the next five years? What will our life look like in the future? What changes will happen around us? Which careers are on the verge of disappearing? What kind of reshuffle will China face? Get up to the answers to these questions!

First, the development of mobile Internet

What will our life look like in the future?

Let's imagine taking the family to dinner at night, taking out the mobile phone and clicking on the attached restaurant. After reading the restaurant introduction, after comparing, pick a good, delicious and affordable restaurant, get a membership card on the mobile phone, and set a seat. Wait until the time is up, click on the navigation, go directly to the meal, do not line up;

When you eat, which one is delicious, take a photo, put it on Weibo or a circle of friends, and let it be shared with friends. Because friends come here to eat, friends can share, and friends can offer. It is really pleasant to give you a rebate, to eat good things, to share and to make money.

After eating, go shopping at the mall, see which product likes it, pick it up and scan the QR code, use the mobile phone to compare it, put it into the online shopping cart, go shopping, click the delivery time and delivery address on the mobile phone. Direct payment, no need to pick up things, do not queue, and then go to the movies, because the movie tickets have been bought with a mobile phone when eating;

This is our future life, do you think it can be achieved? I think soon!

Second, development is forced to transform and upgrade. Integration leads the development of the times.

1, the introduction of 360, directly turned anti-virus into free, eliminated Jinshan drug tyrants;

2. Taobao e-commerce's sales of 1 trillion in 2012 forced the traditional retail giants such as “Suning and Gome” to transform, forcing “Li Ning Clothing” to turn off more than 1,800 stores nationwide, and even sent satellites in the sky. "Wal-Mart" is hard to fight. If Ma Yun’s “novice” action is successful, the dream of nationwide arrival will be realized within 24 hours, then what will be the fate of these retail giants?

3, Ma Yun "Yue Bao" was introduced, 18 days of rabid cash reserves of 57 billion, began to seize the bank's rice bowl;

The launch of online insurance companies in Sanma (Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Ma Mingzhe) is expected to have 2 million insurers unemployed in the next five years. Where will other insurance companies go?

The introduction of Tencent WeChat, the number of users of 600 million is still increasing, directly robbing China Mobile, Telecom and China Unicom's rice bowl;

So, if one day you open a hot pot restaurant next door, sell your mobile phone better than you, you don't have to be surprised, because this is a cross-border era, every industry is integrated, all cross, They are all infiltrating each other. If the product or industry that you have been profiting suddenly becomes a free value-added service in the hands of another person, how do you compete? How to survive?

Therefore, the future competition is no longer the competition of products, no longer the competition of channels, but the competition of resource integration. It is the competition of end consumers. Who can hold resources and hold consumer users, no matter what they consume? When you are profitable, you can guarantee your interests and be invincible.

Third, leading the era are "liar"?

Those who said that they can make money 30 years ago are considered to be liar.

Those who said that stocks can make money 20 years ago are considered to be liar.

15 years ago, saying that insurance can help everyone is considered a liar.

10 years ago, Ma Yun said that the Internet can change people's lives and is also considered a liar.

Those who say that others are liar, life is not bad, the quality of life is worse every day! And those so-called "swindlers" have become the symbol of the times!

“Every new opportunity will bring a group of rich people!”

When others don't understand, he understands what he is doing;

When others don't understand, he understands what he is doing;

When others understand, he is rich;

When others understood it, he succeeded.

Any opportunity to come will surely go through four stages: "can't see", "look down", "can't understand", "not too late."

Fourth, the creation of any wealth will certainly go through a process

"The prophet is the operator; the follower knows the follower; the unconscious consumer!" Introspection, have you missed it?

Life is more important than hard work! Choice is the source of wealth!

V. Changes that occur around you

First, when Motorola was still intoxicated in V8088, I don’t know that Nokia has caught up;

Second, when Nokia also focused on the low-end machine market, Jobs’s Apple has sneaked into it;

Third, when China Mobile is complacent about being China's largest telecommunications provider, it is unaware that WeChat customers have exceeded 400 million;

Fifth, when the Chinese banking industry earned a lot of money, Alibaba has launched a network virtual credit card;

Sixth, when many people still want to rent a house to open a small business, Singles Day creates a sky-high turnover on the Chinese Internet;

Don't say stop learning, or slow down, you may be eliminated.

Six, these occupations may be on the verge of disappearing

The following will take stock of these careers that may be on the verge of disappearing in the future. Be sure to be careful when you are going to enter.

1. Bank teller

Business Week Chinese Network said that in the next 10 years, 80% of the cash use in mainland China will disappear, and people gradually choose online banking or mobile payment. In the next 20 years, most small and medium-sized banks will not survive if they do not outsource their front-office operations. Regardless of this prediction, the traditional financial industry and the technology industry are experiencing a life-and-death speed. Bank tellers should be careful.

2, the driver

It’s no surprise that Google’s driverless cars are now on the Silicon Valley Highway 101 or are docked on San Francisco’s streets. Automakers such as Audi, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are planning to develop their own driverless cars.

3, assembly workshop workers

The Foxconn Million "Robots" program, the world's largest foundry company, has attracted attention from the outside world. Experts say that first-line workers are inevitably squeezed in the short term, and a group of production workers will be laid off to become a consensus.

4, cable TV installer

With a TV box, every ordinary TV can be upgraded to a smart cloud TV, while interacting with other wireless terminals in the home (mobile phones, pads, computers). As long as you have a WIFI environment with enough bandwidth, you can watch online video content for free on your TV.

5, gas station management and staff

The refueling may disappear. Because the oil is drying up. In the future, new energy charging stations may be spread. However, the charging station will also be automated. No one needs to serve.

6, brokers and intermediaries

In fact, the quiet retreat of the profession of intermediaries is already happening. The infinite development of the information superhighway will surely “take away” the jobs of other groups of people – brokers. The reason is simple, they will not know more than other ordinary people.

7, professional models

In the future, no one will be frowning for their own short, high-tech increased surgery can give a person an extension of their height. This medical project is currently underway. There is also the development of the emerging beauty industry. The use of "Super Micro Technology" has made the cosmetic industry more perfect. Some people have been researching and developing the use of computer "survey measurement" facial details, tailor-made the perfect five-part "parts", in order to "a once-in-a-life, complete beauty" effect of the new technology.

8, a variety of industrial samples, small commodity manufacturers

3D printing will subvert manufacturing. Commodities will no longer reach the hands of users through manufacturing and logistics. Users will buy designs from cups to houses and then print them in 3D. The biggest innovation in this way is that the cost will be better than the supply chain. The product is cheap, and there are some things that don't require a special person to make it. You only need one program.

9. Individual merchants

Li Ning physical store shut down more than 1,800, the sales of e-commerce has exceeded the sales of physical stores. Nearly 80% of bookstores nationwide will close in the next three to five years. Nearly 30% of clothing stores and shoe stores will be closed.

Seventh, everything is in the midst of massive changes.

Cross-industry reshuffle, future industry competition, a feast of cross-border funds is starting? Are you ready? Please come with me... The vision determines the width, the concept determines the height, the pace determines the speed, the mind decides future!

1. China's two films, "Hong Kong" and "Pancake Man", have disturbed the film industry in China today and are the stars of the show. I don’t want to say the content of the film first, but it can be seen from the box office. This is the advantage of cross-border.

2. Recently, everyone heard the most shocking sentence. Mobile said that after so many years, it was discovered this year that Tencent was our competitor.

3. The most thorough competition is cross-border competition. You think that the main business of charging is a cross-border coming in, free of charge, because people don’t rely on this to make money. You have lived and lived for many years. In the end, you don’t know how to die. of.

4, typical cases such as Rising anti-virus charges, 360 anti-virus come in all free, so that the entire anti-virus market is overwhelming. WeChat is free, and it has shocked several monopoly operators who have comfortably received more than ten years of communication and SMS charges. Ma Yun announced the launch of the rookie plan, I don't know what the industry would like to do.

5. There is also the impact of Alipay on the bank. Do you feel this kind of cross-border competition? Kodak’s funeral has been forgotten, and Motorola, Nokia, Toshiba, Sony, and Patriot are all waiting in line.

6. The next decade is an era of large-scale changes in China's business sector. No matter which company, if it is not able to realize that money is changing direction with changes in consumer experience, then no matter how successful they are in the past, In the future, it will only be able to survive until it is buried in the dust.

7, cross-border, has never been professional, innovators have never been more rapid, from one field to another. The door is cracking, the border is opening, and the traditional advertising, transportation, retail, hospitality, service, health care, etc., may be broken one by one. More convenient, more connected, and more comprehensive business systems are being formed one by one. The world begins to divide and divide, and it is the big family business; it is a new business model.

8. Can the airport be a casino? Can it be the most important social center? WeChat is just a budding, behind the shake, the real opportunity is that people are coming out of their homes and offices and entering a pole. A large, broad era of social needs. Still lingering on your roadside billboards? Still investing a lot of money in TV commercials? Still thinking that the elevator advertisements of the audience occupy the terminal? Outdated!

9, you must know, the higher the WIFI coverage rate in the future, the more people can occupy the hearts of end users. Rent enough data traffic to make people get used to free WIFI from you, and your advertising value will be unlimited.

10. In the future, is the bar still a bar? Is there a coffee in the cafe? Is the hotel used for sleeping? Is the restaurant used for eating? Does the beauty industry rely on tossing that face? Can KFC become a youth learning exchange? Can the center/bank waiting area be turned into a Xinhua Bookstore? Can an aircraft cabin become an international social platform?

11. You don't dare to cross the border. Some people will rob you. In the next ten years, it will be a pirate Jiahua year. All kinds of Ma Yun and Ma Huateng will come out in various fields. The two of them are just beginning to pick up. The story that follows is data reconstruction business, traffic rewrites the future, old ideas fade away, and gradually become data codes. In the era of big data, the development of cloud computing, everything is undergoing a process of reintroduction.

12, a diploma for a lifetime, a unit for a lifetime, the era of making money on the front of the door has passed ... how far is the idea, how far can go, without changing the head, you can not change the pocket...

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